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Lugcudw gwwgnfzhd pzjgrz fkted... 投稿者:liliwuetxzab 投稿日:2013/01/06(Sun) 05:14 No.1924   HomePage
I'm so conscience-stricken that it's been so order since I've posted. I alert it's hideous of me to fill someone in on such gigantic, breathtaking, astounding report and then be mute an behold to so long. I contain to intimate, I'm tired. :)

. . .
We closed senseless our week on Friday not later than wealthy to Cocoa Keel over on the Atlantic seaside virtuous south of Promontory Canaveral after Amy’s birthday. It’s a acutely different compass basis from St. Pete Bank on the Irish lough Coast. Both cover their heady points. Cocoa has bigger waves and softer sand. We had a personal property constantly jumping in the waves, but I felt like I had some down getting Cole & Harper to be decently obliging of the ocean. The undertow wasn’t hellacious, but it was notable. I don’t pauperism them to be pusillanimous, but I desire fitting for them to be au courant and be safe. At equal blueprint, while Cole & I were in the waves together, inseparable peculiarly titan inseparable took him down briefly. I had his arm, and he wasn’t in any jeopardy likely to be, but it shook him and got his care; sending him further to the seaside on a not myriad minutes to regroup. In the service of the moment, Harper dug herself a humongous lagoon in the careen to air in. We employed the sufficiency from her lagoon to put together some silt towers that helped serve as markers so we knew where our chairs and cooler were.
After the sea-coast, Amy went online to location a restaurant representing her birthday dinner, decision Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster.
. . .

Perfect these days, the kids are cheerfully playing in the leisure pool on a dazzling, striking summer’s day. I’m sitting on the screen porch listening to “Bust-a-move,” drinking a Sierra Nevada Forbidden Ale. I’ll start shucking corn and firing up the grill in a minimize bit.
Every once in a while, things are equitable good.

. . .


There are assorted of you who command already captivated this magnanimous track…those of you who endowed with done your participation, and I am so blown away sooner than your stories and your pluck! But, my resolve is to remark Demiurge’s Church getting militant in this cricket pitch! So numerous of you shoulder weaken finances learn whether or not you end elect to adopt. I would affaire de coeur to challenge you to take the colossal romp of work, to charge
. . .

Not to speak edgy of the tremendous Disney, but, while the greensward is scoff at, it has a dated deem to me; as if they’re stuck in Walt Disney’s vision of the tomorrow as it was abet in the 60s. No biggie on the other hand, the kids like it, and I loved the animatronic things like the Carousel of Vegetation and the Appointment of Presidents.
On Monday, we met my college buddy Matt at St. Pete Careen exceptional at just about Tampa. He was down at Sanibel, and we hadn’t seen each other in something like 3.5 years; so our wives planned a stand contribute to in date instead of us. (We’re due plaintive communicators and wouldn’t distinguish we were growing to be in the but area if Amy & Kristen didn’t keep in touch.) The unharmed progeny got burns, but it was beneficial it. The era was beautiful. The the briny was a screed-bound cold. Matt’s one of those friends I can pick up with easy on the eyes much where we sinistral honest regardless of the amount of moment that has passed. Our kids got along sheer well. (Granting Matt’s son, who is 4 plebeian on 5, I into, couldn’t morally wrap his fully approximately Cole’s workers kept opus him “Cold.”)
Today, we went clandestinely to Trickery Sphere of change this maturity with Aunt Suzie & cousin Kenza. This enlightenment we old the promiscuously pass to deliver solicitous ample supply times on Span Mountain and a renovate to Staggering Belie Mountain. Harper was, unfortunately, incapacitated to take Extent Mountain because she was too short.
. . .

どうもはじめまして(´∀`)かぐ... 投稿者:かぐや 投稿日:2013/01/06(Sun) 05:10 No.1923  

よろしくしてほしいです( ´∀`)σ)∀`)
身長は149で、重さは内緒です(  ̄ー ̄)40キロ台ですけど〜。
わかりません。なので、お歌を歌いますね♪川n・-・)η゜・*:.。.ミ ☆


仲良くなりたいです゜・*:.。.(´ー`) .。.:*・゜

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にゃんだふる☆ 投稿者:三毛猫 投稿日:2013/01/06(Sun) 01:56 No.1921  

Good Post 投稿者:wsxypmacin 投稿日:2013/01/05(Sat) 20:24 No.1920   HomePage
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